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Helpful Links to Promote Land Stewardship
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Local Contacts for Yellow River Watershed

  Yellow River Watershed Contacts

The "Primary Contacts" listed here can provide you with local assistance and information about the Yellow River Initiative, its goal and web site features. Although you are free to review the "Helpful Links" that are presented within this section, you are strongly urged to contact the "Primary Contacts" first with any inquiries. The "Watershed Coordinator" position associated with the Northeast Iowa RC&D has been specifically established to provide help to anyone seeking information, guidance, coordination and various other forms of assistance with the Yellow River Initiative and with any aspect of its implementation, as well as with similar ventures within northeast Iowa. The other listed Federal, state and county organizations are based within or near the watershed and can provide additional valuable assistance in helping you to define your needs and place as a potential partner in the Yellow River Initiative.

As stated in the title to this section, the following list of "Helpful Links" has been assembled for you as a place to begin to find additional help for your particular resource stewardship project. Within this section you will find help in the form of technical assistance, guidance, contacts and funding that can be obtained from the various governmental and non-governmental organizations listed below.

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Conservation Grants and Cost-share Programs
Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
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  Links to forestry-related conservation/assistance programs (Forestry/Timber Reserve, Riparian Buffers, etc.) and other informational and educational links.
  Private Lands Management
  Information and Assistance for wildlife management and habitat restoration
  REAP cost share program
     Click on Soil and Water along the left hand side for Landowner information
Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship
Soil Conservation Division
US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)
Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program
Voluntary program for restoration and improvement of wildlife habitats on private lands, offering technical and financial assistance.  
Private Stewardship Program
  The Private Stewardship Program provides grants and other assistance on a competitive basis to individuals and groups engaged in local, private, and voluntary conservation efforts that benefit federally listed, proposed, or candidate species, or other at-risk species.
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Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP)
  Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP)
  Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP)
  Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention
  Conservation Programs
  List of additional program links
  Iowa NRCS Programs
  Detailed list of NRCS programs and program guides for Iowa
USDA Forest Service
 Landowner Assistance Programs
  Watershed Forestry Assistance
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Water Quality/Watershed Protection Funding and Grants  
Region 7 Grants
US Army Corps of Engineers (COE)
Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration (Section 206)
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Other Funding Programs
Five-Star Restoration Challenge Grants to Provide Funding for Habitat Restoration Projects
     Iowa Living Roadways Trust Fund Grant Application
     City, County, and State Agencies as well as private citizens and groups can apply for grants to fund roadside improvement, research, demonstration and educational projects.
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Water Resource Information
  Iowa Geological Survey
Aquatics on Buffalo Pond
National Park Service Photo
     Iowa’s STORET Water Quality Database (searchable database)
     Why Watersheds are Important: A lesson from the Rock Valley Project
     Yellow River Watershed Overview
     Agriculture and Groundwater: The View from Big Spring
     Monitoring Iowa’s Waters
     Other interesting articles about Iowa resources including maps
US Geological Survey (USGS)
Iowa Water Resources Science Center  
     Iowa USGS Data
Iowa State University
IRIS – Iowa River Information System Interactive Maps
     IRIS – Iowa River Information System Fish Surveys
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Office of Water
Toxic Release Inventory Program
     Coon Yellow Watershed Profile
Gray treefrog climbing a wall
National Park Service Photo
Locate Your Watershed
IOWAter Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring
     IOWAter Database Online
Hawkeye FlyFishing Association
Fish Kills in Iowa from Manure and Other Causes
Iowa Water Well Association Consumer Information
Information on well testing, maintenance and cleaning
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Land Management Information
Prescribed burn
National Park Service Photo
Technical Assistance
List of links to NRCS Technical Publications
USDA Forest Service
Forest Stewardship Program
Geology and Soils Information
     Iowa Cooperative Soil Survey
Vegetation Information
     Portrait of Iowa’s Vegetation Communities
     Descriptions, maps and photos of Iowa’s major ecoregions/vegetation communities
Woodland sunflower
National Park Service Photo
     General Land Office (GLO) Pre-settlement Vegetation
     Descriptions and maps of Iowa’s pre-settlement vegetation reconstructed from the General Land Office surveys.
     Iowa's Oak Savannas
     Savanna Oak Foundation
     Iowa's Living Roadway Trust Fund
Wildlife Information - Iowa Department of Natural Resources
     Wildlife Bureau
     Trout Streams
     Lists Iowa’s Catchable and Special trout streams in Northeast Iowa.  Hickory Creek in Allamakee County is a tributary to the Yellow River.
Threatened and Endangered Species
     Iowa DNR List
Map turtle covering its nest
National Park Service Photo
     PDF file – requires Adobe Reader to view
     Federal List (FWS)
Invasive Species Information
     Iowa Woodland Invasive Species Inventory
     Plant ID & info as well as how to participate
     Wisconsin DNR Invasives on the Web
     Invasive Species list and information (includes management/removal instructions)
     Alien Plant Invaders of Natural Areas (NPS)
     Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin (IPAW)
     Midwest Invasive Plants Network (MIPN)
     Includes Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio and Michigan
     Invasive Species Initiative (TNC)
     Garlic Mustard, Serious Invader from the East
     Iowa Dept. of Agriculture and Land Stewardship – Pesticide Bureau
     Certification and Application information
Historical and Archaeological  
     Allamakee County Historical Society
     Iowa State Historical Society
     Office of the State Archaeologist
     IMIS – Archaeological Sites
     University of Iowa: Calvin Photographic Collection
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     Information and Downloads
     Iowa DNR - Interactive Mapping Website
     Iowa Geologic Survey - GIS Map Layers for Iowa
GIS Map Layers for the Mississippi River
  Iowa Aerial Photos
Iowa GIS Data Sets
USGS-NPS Vegetation Mapping Program
The National Map
The National Map is a consistent framework for geographic knowledge needed by the Nation. It provides public access to high-quality, geospatial data and information from multiple partners to help support decision-making by resource managers and the public. The National Map is the product of a consortium of Federal, State, and local partners who provide geospatial data to enhance America’s ability to access, integrate, and apply geospatial data at global, national, and local scales.
     Minnesota DNR
     MN DNR Data Deli - GIS Map Layers for Minnesota
     Other Sources
Geospatial One-Stop
An intergovernmental project managed by the Department of the Interior in support of the President's Initiative for E-government, Geospatial One Stop builds upon its partnership with the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) to improve the ability of the public and government to use geospatial information to support the business of government and facilitate decision-making. Through the Geospatial One Stop portal (www.geodata.gov), anyone can access geospatial information from federal agencies and a growing number of state, local, tribal and private agencies through one comprehensive and comprehensible portal.
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Software Downloads
     Free GIS Map/Data viewer
     ArcExplorer Version 1.1 Import Utility
     Import program for .e00 files
     Adobe Reader version 6.0
     Free software to view Adobe Acrobat documents (.pdf file extensions)
     Stuffit Expander
     Another Zip program
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Stewardship Organizations
Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Iowa
  Sand County Foundation
  Land Stewardship Project
The Land Stewardship Project fosters an ethic of stewardship for farmland to promote sustainable agriculture and to develop sustainable communities.
  Iowa Prairie Network
Iowa Chapter of the Sierra Club
Faun in woodland
National Park Service Photo
Pheasants Forever
     Trout Unlimited – Iowa Driftless Chapter
Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association
Landcare US
This non-profit organization's mission is as follows: "Landcare is actively forging a private-public partnership among people who work the land, communities, businesses and governments to achieve a vision of: healthy lands, waters and wildlife; sustainable communities; and economic viability. Through this partnership, Landcare will strengthen our nation's ability to conserve natural resources, enhance profitability, and cultivate and expand a community conservation ethic."
Agricultural Drainage Management Systems (ADMS)
     Pilot project to reduce agricultural non-point source nutrient loads
     American Farmland Trust
     Center for Agriculture in the Environment
     Farmland Information Center
     Glynwood Center
     Glynwood Center helps communities grapple with the tension between economic development and conservation of natural and cultural resources. We provide access to innovative ideas from around the world -- and opportunities to strengthen local leadership.
     Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
     The Institute for Agriculture and Trade policy promotes resilient family farms, rural communities and ecosystems around the world through research and education, science and technology, and advocacy.
     Ocean Arks International
     Ocean Arks International (www.oceanarks.org) is a nonprofit ecological research, education, and technological development organization. Their mission is to purify the waters of the earth, develop strategies for living more lightly on the planet, and foster the emergence of a lasting planetary culture. Today, Ocean Arks continues to explore advancements in such areas as ecological design, Living machines for treating waste and repairing damaged ecosystems, solar architecture and bio-shelters, land restoration, and promoting ecological literacy.
     Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
     The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture explores and cultivates alternatives that secure healthier people and landscapes in Iowa and the nation.
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Government Organizations
National Park Service (NPS) Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) USGS EPA Region 7(Includes Iowa) 
NRCS USDA Forest Service Army Corps of Engineers
Iowa DNR
Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship
Iowa Geological Survey
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Public Lands within the Watershed
Limestone bedrock outcrop at Hanging Rock
National Park Service Photo
     Effigy Mounds National Monument (NPS)
McGregor District/Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge (FWS)
Driftless Area National Wildlife Refuge (FWS)
     Yellow River State Forest (IDNR)
     Mountain Maple Hollow (TNC)
     Silos and Smokestacks
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Indian grass graces the prairie
National Park Service Photo
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Other Links of Interest
     IDNR Publications
Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (USGS)
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (USGS)
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